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superman ice cubes

Make Super Ice With The Superman Ice Cube Tray


The Man of Steel is no joke and is one of the most powerful superheroes out there. Add some fun to your beverages by creating super ice cubes with this quirky  Superman Ice Cube Tray from ThinkGeek. Clark Kent would definitely want to use these trays for any of his parities...

Keg Koozi

Kegzie Beverage Cooler Looks Like a Keg

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Keep your favorite beer cold and refreshing by using the Kegzie Beverage Cooler that looks as if it’s a mini keg! It’s a great companion for any tailgate party or BBQ you have with your best pals! It’s literally the smallest keg on the planet and it’s only $7.99! The mini...


R2-D2 Pepper Mill Ya’ll


The onslaught of Star Wars merchandise continues to dominate the blogs and beyond.  Today’s awesomeness comes in the form of the R2-D2 Pepper Mill.  With the twist of his dome piece, R2 effectively sprays ground pepperlings across your grub of choice.  On sale now from ThinkGeek for only $20. Any...


OHSO Pocket Toothbrush


What could be best used as an auxiliary tooth brush stashed away in your glove compartment, the OHSO Pocket Toothbrush is also cheap enough to forget about.  Priced at $20, toothpaste is stored at the tip and it is easy to refill and clean. OHSO was engineered to be the...