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Thanko’s Newest Lunacy: The USB Soldering Iron


I’m really starting to love the folks out at Thanko for making gadgets that can only be described as either “the zombie-eyed daydreams of shoe salesmen” (thanks to Married With Children for that one) or “madness of the kind you only see in H.P. Lovecraft novels” (that’s all me). Because...


A Thanko Gadget That Works? The AudioPlayer AV


Thanko doesn’t exactly have a good record when it comes to their gadgets, folks, but here’s an exciting piece of news–apparently their MP4 viewer is coming to be regarded as a solid buy! Now that’s exciting enough as it is–it’s almost like saying “Man, this fried cockroach tastes delicious!”–but not...


Thanko Gorone Double Sided Mouse


The Thanko Gorone Mouse 2 isn’t exactly what I’d deem practical, but for those on a budget and in need of a mouse that doubles as a Power Point Presenter it sure does fit the bill.  Hidden underneath the mouse, where the optical sensor resides, is a trackpad and a...

Thanko USB Mouse Warming Fish


by: Daniel O A hot blue fish on your hand as you surf. Most peoples dream, that’s why Thanko has released their “USB mouse warming pad”. Simply let the fish engulf your hand and it will heat it up to 107 degrees in only 10 minutes. Luckily there is a...