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extreme water tag

Soak In Some Summer Fun With Extreme Water Tag


It’s been a harsh winter in some places of the nation, with the thought of summer a warm welcome from the cold. While you’re planning your summer fun, make sure it includes the Extreme Water Tag play set that’s as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Made...

Elgato Smart Key main

Elgato Smart Key Review


here’s been a proliferation of “smart tags” for smartphones: little tokens with Bluetooth technology inside that pair with a phone to provide direction to an attached keychain or camera or whatnot. But there’s been two problems keeping many of these from being effective. The first being that a rechargeable battery...


TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Watch (video)


TAG Heuer’s Mikrotimer watch is a work of beauty. But it’s not this watch’s good looks that make it notable. The Mikrometer can measure up to 1/1000s of a second. It accomplishes this feat by spinning its internals, or calibers at 500 rotations per second, or 3.6 million times per...