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Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet Review


I often think early adopters and techies touched by the allure of “new shiny” get caught up in just that — the allure. Where tablets are concerned, the needs of techie first-responders are often unclear or unobtainable. Thankfully the selection of tablets on the market is beyond bountiful hitting all...


Tablet Stand Carry On Provides Convenient Traveling


If you’re a frequent traveler, convenience is key, which is what the Tablet Stand Carry On provides with its easy tablet viewing for those long periods when you’re stuck waiting at the airport or the hotel lobby. The unique carry on features a built-in stand so that you can easily...

Lenovo Miix 2_7

Lenovo’s Miix 2 Brings Windows 8.1, Lots Of Power To Tablets


As form factors change and tablets become increasingly important to our everyday lives, computer manufacturers are beginning to put out some truly impressive tablets. The Lenovo Miix 2 takes the original Miix, slims down the case, and beefs up the internals. Smooth Slate The biggest change from the previous version,...


HP Has A Big Stack Of New Tablets


Hey, remember Hewlett Packard and their tablets? No? HP is out to fix that. Brother, are they ever; they’ve got a whopping six new tablets on the way, five of which are arriving in November. Here are all six and what you need to know. Slate 7 Extreme Essentially the...

monster tablet

Monster Releases 7-and 10-inch Tablet Line


Monster is known as a leader in high-performance personal audio, connectivity solutions and headphones, but now they want to add tablets to the mix and have launched its first line of tablets – the Monster M7 and M10 (7-inch and 10.1-inch) tablets. The first to be released will be the M7, which is...


Intel Wants You To Have Super-Powerful, Sub-$100 Tablets


Realistically, the future of computing is in the tablet form factor. Increasingly cheap tablets are eating into PC market share, and Intel… very much wants that to happen with its new tablet-focused chips. Lots Of Power For Cheap Specifically, Intel wants you to be using their Atom processors for everything....


Dryft: A Keyboard That Fits Around Your Fingers


Most of us, these days, are touch typists. Tablet keyboards are decidedly not built for touch typists. Unless that software keyboard happens to be engineered by the team at Swype. Finger Detection The first and most basic idea is actually pretty simple: Dryft is designed to sense when your fingers...


Run-N-Read Exercises Your Mind and Body (video)


Running and reading just don’t mix. Have you ever tried it? Running on a treadmill at the gym (and we mean running, not jogging) and trying to ready your new favorite book or a magazine only to find that you can’t concentrate fully on either. Well the new Run-N-Read device...