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Tablet Stand Carry On Provides Convenient Traveling


If you’re a frequent traveler, convenience is key, which is what the Tablet Stand Carry On provides with its easy tablet viewing for those long periods when you’re stuck waiting at the airport or the hotel lobby. The unique carry on features a built-in stand so that you can easily...


STEELIE Magnetic Smartphone Car Stand (video)


We’ve long sought an iPhone car mount that is subtle, simple, and actually works.  Unfortunately, nothing has quite met our high standards.  That is until today. The STEELIE is simple magnetic ring that attaches to the back of your smartphone or tablet.  The size of the STEELIE is in accordance...


Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand

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Getting your iPad to float mid air without wires will take some serious engineering skills and probably a magnetic the size of a car.  And even then we don’t know it would be possible.  So settling for second best, at least in this case, is what we’re willing to do....