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STIGA’s Showcourt Is The Fanciest Ping-Pong Table


Most of us don’t think, seriously, about ping-pong. First of all, if we did, we’d call it table tennis, but we’re going to call it ping-pong because internet outrage over trivial differences is hilarious. Secondly, if we did, we’d also be considering buying the Showcourt, from STIGA, and decidedly the...

Walking Table

Walking Table Really Does Walk…When Pushed (video)


Moving most pieces of furniture is generally speaking a two person job.  Sure, you could drag the couch or table across the room, but that might result in a damaged floor, injured back or a piece of furniture rendered unusable.  And hence the genius of the Walking Table and Book Case by...

Dining and Pool Table

Opulent Billiards Table Flips Closed For High End Eating


Unless you’ve got a mansion you’re probably not gonna be able to fit both the dining room and billiard tables.  That is unless of course you throw down what is probably some serious cash for one of Koralturk’s tables. Unlike standard billiards tables these convert to an everyday table and...

Surface Tension Arcarde Table

Surface Tension Arcade Coffee Table


Check out Surface Tension’s Contemporary Arcade coffee tables.  Hidden in a slide away drawer are classic arcade controls, replete with all the buttons and knobs you could ever dream of.  The games run off a built-in Windows PC, which means you can also play today’s games, watch movies, listen to...

ps3 table

Get Your Game On The PlayStation Controller Table, Literally


This table, modeled after the PlayStation’s Dualshock Controller, is impressive no matter what. But it’s even cooler that it was constructed by a high school student in Australia. It’s built out of MDF and plywood, with the analog sticks attaching the glass to the base, and took 20 weeks to complete....

Papervore coffee table

Papervore Shredder Coffee Table


Paper Shredders have long been relegated to the dark corners of the home, but no more thanks to the Papervore coffee table.  The mahogany and oak crank shreds whatever documents you place into the table’s top slit.  It’s made from a single piece of powder coated aluminum that has been...

puma ping pong table

Puma Ping Pong Table


Yes, it’s a ping pong table, but it’s not just any ping pong table.  Designed by aruliden for PUMA, it has a shelf for storing balls, paddles and other trinkets as well as a chalk board finish letting you draw or write whatever comes to mind.  And that net looks...

Hubler Book Table

The Badass HÜBLER Book Table


Forget about book shelves – those are so passe.  The HÜBLER Table’s concrete legs have built-in slots for storing all sorts of slender shaped objects or books, which ever you prefer.  The glass top makes it viewable from all angles.  Too bad there is no interior lighting in between the...


Transparent Foosball Table Ain’t For Casual Gaming


Here’s an odd combination: Italian company Adriano Design’s Krystall Teckell is a super fancy foosball table. Yup. Kind of a weird choice for the glamourous treatment, but it certainly looks cool. The players are made of aluminum while the table is constructed of “diamond like transparency.” The company makes other...