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STIGA’s Showcourt Is The Fanciest Ping-Pong Table


Most of us don’t think, seriously, about ping-pong. First of all, if we did, we’d call it table tennis, but we’re going to call it ping-pong because internet outrage over trivial differences is hilarious. Secondly, if we did, we’d also be considering buying the Showcourt, from STIGA, and decidedly the...

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot

Pro Beats Robot At Table Tennis (video)


Robot vs Human… Usually our money is on the robot winning, but that wasn’t the case when pro table tennis player Timo Boll went head-to-head with the KUKA KR AGILUS robot. The match was put on by KUKA Robot Group to show off to the masses what its flagship robot could...

Kitchen Table Tennis

Play Table Tennis In Your Kitchen


As kids you’re always discouraged to play in the house, but the Kitchen Table Tennis set is designed to allow  you and your family to have a bit of fun on your kitchen table or island. The table unfolds and can be set up onto any flat surface, measuring 84″ L...


Ping Pong Table Hidden In A Door (video)

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The Ping Pong Door has yet to go on sale but I can guarantee a pre-order from just about every college fraternity.  I don’t think too much explanation is needed but as you can see the ping pong table swivels out on an x-axis.  It’s not practical for an actual...