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Huzi Ping Pong Table Doubles As A Coffee Table


Your significant other wants a coffee table and you want a Ping Pong Table… how to do you meet in the middle? Easy, get the Huzi Ping Pong table that acts as both! But that’s not all since it’s also a chalkboard surface so you can easily doodle notes, lists...

Kitchen Table Tennis

Play Table Tennis In Your Kitchen


As kids you’re always discouraged to play in the house, but the Kitchen Table Tennis set is designed to allow  you and your family to have a bit of fun on your kitchen table or island. The table unfolds and can be set up onto any flat surface, measuring 84″ L...

Cardboard Foostable

Kartoni Foosball Table Made From Renewable Materials


A foosball table for only $55…! Yup, Kartoni has created one, but here’s the catch: it’s made from 100 percent renewable materials, such as cardboard and wood and won’t survive a night of drunken gaming. But, it’s great for those on a budget or who want a foosball table that’s...

Ozzio's Magic T100 Convertible Table

Ozzio’s Magic T100 Convertible Table


For those who live in small apartments, space can be very precious. Too much furniture makes a space look way too crowded,  which is where the need for convertible furniture comes in. Enter Ozzio’s Magic T100 Convertible Table that’s actually made to be a space (and life) saver. The versatile and...

Team 7's flaye Table

Team 7’s Flaye Table (video)

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With TEAM 7’s new flaye table, you can now accommodate unexpected dinner guests in seconds! The table goes from 0 to 100 (cm, that is) in four seconds flat, thanks to its revolutionary non-stop synchronised pull-out technology. The patented-TEAM 7 innovation features not only intuitive handling, but also impeccable styling cues as well, with precise curves...