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Silic Shirt

The Self-Cleaning Silic Shirt Protects Against Spills

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Doing laundry sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if your clothes somehow magically self-cleaned? Well that’s exactly what you get with the Silic shirt! The Kickstarter campaign uses hydrophobic nanotechnology and is ultra soft to endure liquids spilled on it, including your own sweat! Determined to help you stay clean and...

DrumMachine T-shirt

Drum Machine T-Shirt (video)


Thinkgeek has really out done themselves this time.   Just in time for this holiday gift giving is the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. And guess what?  It’s already backordered, which attests to the popularity of this novelty item.  Or perhaps they just don’t have any in stock just yet. Much like...

Hoddie Buddy Tshirt

Hoddie Buddy T-Shirt Builds the Headphones In


The folks at Hoodie Buddie are at it again, but this time around they’re offering a summer version of their product, the Hoodie Buddie HB3 T-shirt.  It offers the same machine washable headphones and a stash product for storing your MP3 player.  They’re available for $20 each in a variety...


Why Haven’t We Seen This Before?: Game Controller T-Shirt


Whatever game this is actually controlling, it’s definitely not for the kiddies.  Only available from some Russian T-Shirt site called MaryJane, you can choose from a bunch of colors.  $42 might seem a bit steep, but considering the application it may be well worth it.  Would it have the same...