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iPhone 5

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5 From T-Mobile (list)


T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 has arrived.  In fact, it’s been on sale since April 12th, so it’s hardly new news.  But there is a good chance that you’re still debating as to whether or not you should opt for an iPhone 5 with T-Mobile instead of Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.  And...

Samsung S4 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Date April 26th…Maybe


The Samsung Galaxy S4 needs no introduction.  Pending a new Google phone, which will succeed the Nexus 4, the Galaxy S4 is the most highly anticipated Android handset coming to a carrier near you.  But the question has long remained when and who will be the first carrier to hock...

HTC One Verizon

HTC One Might Be Coming to Verizon in Late April


Mobile device manufacturer HTC has not enjoyed the notoriety or mass appeal of other companies in the same industry. Despite kicking out some “excellent” devices, HTC still remains below the usual suspects in market penetration and consumer adoption.  All that could change with the HTC One. The One was announced last...

LG Optimus G vs S3

Samsung Galaxy S III vs LG Optimus G (Comparison)


The latest flagship smartphone from LG, the Optimus G, is no laughing matter. Past LG handsets have been lackluster, but don’t let that stop you from considering the Optimus G as a potential next phone. It’s a bold new step for the company that I wholly endorse. From my short...