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Switch Modular Pocket Knife Lets You Pick The Tools


As I am a nerd, and a former Boy Scout, I love having multi-tools in my pockets. They’re useful for any number of reasons, of course, ranging from opening boxes to minor fixes, and it’s nice to be ready for anything. But multitools are really “configurable”… at least until the...


Switch: The Modular Multi-Tool


From the Quirky Community, comes the Switch Modular Multi-Tool.  Capable of interchanging 18 different tool pieces from pliers to an LED flashlight, the modern design of Switch lends itself to the customization that Americans have grown to know and love.  You can pre-order one now for $68 nd be sure...


TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver And PC TrickleSwitch Review

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Nowadays, saving energy is quickly becoming common sense as opposed to forward thinking.  More and more tech consumers are aware of vampire power and and there are plenty of products out there to combat this unnecessary use of energy. Having recently been introduced to the TrickleStar products, I have found...