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Human Body Sweatshirt-1

See Inside of the Body With this Human Sweatshirt


I learned stuff in school.  However, the general sciences was never my strong suit.  This one of a kind of sweatshirt, made by Etsy user Tyler Sharpe, sure would have made a great cheat sheet despite the head, which just simply hangs in front like a floppy mass of whiteness....

10-year hoodie

The 10-Year Hoodie is Backed for a Decade


Don’t fret whenever your favorite hoodie has seen it’s last days thanks to the 10-Year Hoodie that’s created by Jake Bronstein and currently a Kickstarter campaign.  The premium sweatshirt is designed for a lifetime and is guaranteed for 10 years and is backed with free mending, so your favorite hoodie...

Chewbacca Sweatshirt

This Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie is Repugnant Awesomeness


Dressing in a pair of matching shoes, t-shirt, and pants is about as far away as you can get from being stylish.  However, this is an exception: Halloween. And that’s exactly when this Chewbacca Sweatshirt from Eckō, combined with the Chewbacca bag no less (available at ThinkGeek for $80), will...

R2D2 Hoodie

Star Wars R2-D2 Hoodie isn’t your only Hope, it’s your Last Hope (pics)


Hooded sweatshirts crafted in the vein of a comic book hero or movie character are bit old news at this point.  Nevertheless, we’re still happy to report on them and generally speaking the more novel the better. [nggallery id=317] While the Stormtrooper hoodie will always have a place in our...

burton sleeper hoodie

Burton Sleeper Hoodie now Includes a Pillow, Hidden Passport Pocket and Toothbrush


Burton’s Sleeper Hoodie is no longer a new idea, but this year the company has decided t up the ante by refreshing the product with a whole new host of features that might actually make you consider upgrading or all together buying the sweatshirt. The biggest feature to be added...


Captain America Hoodie


The latest Captain America movie (yes, there were others) was by far and away the best of not only the series, but of one of the best of the comic book genre.  Sure, things got a bit stale towards the end of the flick, but the beginning, which is when...

Touchme Hoodie

Sweatshirt with Pockets on its Back is Perfect for Insecure Mates


The average hooded sweatshirts does a phenomenal job of keeping its wearer warm and cozy.  Inevitably, at least in our experience, there is always some cute, but cold chick trying to snuggle up to our insulated piece of clothing trying to glean some of the warmth we so desperately want...

Team NES Sweatshirt

Team NES Sweatshirt


Sports?  Who needs them when you’ve got video games.  Okay, so it might not get you laid like the star quarterback of your high school football team, but there is something to be said about those who wear it loud and wear it proud.  In this case it’s “Team NES”....

Glowing Tron Sweatshirt

Glowing Tron Sweatshirt


Tron Legacy‘s release maybe months away, but that hasn’t stopped online t-shirt store Threadless from releasing the My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle.  If you haven’t figured it out yet it’s a play on the Tron movie and with the film arriving this December it’s no surprise that the...


Beer Pocket Sweatshirt

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There's no doubt that this sweatshirt will do wonders for the beer drinks out there, but think what it could do for the PSP gamer or those who never wanna lose track of their cordless phone. Ok, I concede, it's much better designed for [...]...