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Swann ADS-440 SwannEye Camera main

Swann ADS-440 SwannEye Camera Review


A video camera that can be used for surveillance needs to be designated for that purpose: trying to adapt a webcam or other camera can be an exercise in futility. That’s especially true today where mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can use a surveillance app tied into a specific...

Swann MP3 Doorbell SWADS-DOORCH product shot

Swann MP3 Doorbell SWADS-DOORCH Review

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Lucky folks have summer homes while others rent bungalows and some go without but make due by carving out a space in a garage or basement. What’s common to all this is that the person “inside” doesn’t want to hear loud knocking or screaming when someone “outside” tries to get...

HORNET  12.45

Swann Micro Hornet Review

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[rating:5/5] Having a nine year old son, I’m constantly bombarded by little R/C toys.  It used to be just the normal cars and trucks, but lately it’s been helicopters.  It’s normally tedious to see him with one of those cheaply made helicopters, because they’re ridiculously difficult to control for an...


Gadget Review: Swann Surveillance Flashlight DVR


If you routinely poke around dark areas and need to take pictures of what you see (such as a home inspector peeking underneath a house), you could use a camera and carry a flashlight. However, carrying two items can be clumsy, so as a simpler alternative, you could carry Swann...


Swann’s ADW-330 FamilyCam Is A Baby Monitor On ‘Roids


It’s called the ADW-330 FamilyCam, but we all know that’s a euphemism for ‘spycam’. In any case, the ADW-330 FamilyCam is a baby monitor on steroids. The package deal sends digital encrypted video (i.e. no one can intercept) from the swivel camera to the handheld LCD monitor. Range of the...


Swann PenCam DVR Records Nefarious Activities On The DL


Corporate espionage is probably pretty low on the totem poll of most executives, but yes, there are sleuths out there hired specifically to perform this sort of activity.  Given the slumping economy and the need to make more money, you probably don’t wanna outsource for this sort of clandestine operation. ...

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Gadget Review: Swann IP-3G Newtork ConnectCam 1000


Every once in a while I’ll request something to review that I can’t fully evaluate because I am a MAC owner. When I request products I just assume that they will work for a MAC because MAC’s are the best! At any rate, I am here to review, to the...