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New iKnife Scalpel Finds Cancer As It’s Cutting


One of the biggest problems with cancer is getting rid of it. Often, that involves surgery, but surgeons can have a difficult time separating cancerous tissue from healthy, and mid-operation analysis techniques take a little too much time to be used constantly. So a group of medical students have invented...

Surgical Magnet iPod Nano

Guy Surgically Mounts iPod Nano to His Arm (video)


Body piercing, while cool and unique to many an individual often doesn’t serve any utility.  Unless of course you’re looking to swing through the air by giant hooks attached to a crane – yeah, people do that. [GR]QKVNVoBScFA[/GR] However, in the case of Dave Hurban, body piercing isn’t just for show...

Hand Transplants Are Here And Ready to Shake (video)

Hand Transplants Are Here And Ready to Shake (video)


[GR]JgaMZT1Z2dw[/GR] Back in the day if you lost a hand you were SOL.  Not any more.  This young woman in SoCal received a donor hand after losing her’s a number of years ago.  It’s not clear how much dexterity she’ll achieve, but as soon as surgery was completed she could...

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