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Fitbit Surge Is A Superwatch, Features Built-In GPS


With the increase in popularity in smartwatches, specifically fitness trackers,  Fitbit is looking to expand their product line and will be launching three new fitness trackers in the next couple of weeks. The first two are the Charge and Charge HR, with both a revamped Force (which is no longer...


Art of Power TOWER Review


Electronic devices — whether mobile or used in the home — they all need power to function. And even if they run off a battery, at one time or another a cable will have to be attached to them at one end, with the other going to a power source,...


Nokia Surge Price And Launch Date Announced


Billed as a ‘socially supercharged smartphone’, the Nokia Surge will hit the AT&T network on July 19th and costs $79.99 after a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate.  This Symbian S60 based Nokia is flash compatible (wow) and includes the following features: a 2 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, full slideout QWERTY...

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