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Hewlett Packard Is Building A Completely New Kind Of Computer


Currently, everything on the Internet, including this article you’re reading, is at the mercy of the functioning of data centers. These are enormous ranks of machines, one on top of the other, handling enormous amounts of data and memory. And Hewlett Packard wants you to rip them all out and...


New Contact Lenses Will Give You Infrared Vision


Admit it: You want superpowers. It’s human to look at Spider-Man swinging between buildings or Superman soaring through the air and think “Man, I want to do that.” Alas, we are not quite there just yet. But we are getting closer and closer to giving human beings the ability to...

Saints Row 4_p

Saints Row 4 Announcement Teaser (video)


[GR]ax5lfDVjF3w[/GR] So, ¬†Mayor “Burt Reynolds” was ill-equipped to save his city Steelport from the bottom feeding degenerates of STAG. Thankfully the 3rd Street Saints were in town to lend a not-so-civically helpful hand of utter mayhem. The end result saw STAG leader, Cyrus Temple defeated and the remaining STAG sympathizers...