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Ford GT

Ford GT Supercar Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show


I never expected Ford Motor Company to care much about supercars — it’s not their typical interest. But at last night’s 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled the Ford GT supercar, and it is absolutely stunning. Best of all, it’s not a concept car, but an actual car that will...


The McLaren 650S Leaks Early


Currently, there’s not a name more closely associated with high-performance, exotic supercars or tuning than McLaren. And it’s been highly anticipated that the company would introduce a new car. McLaren tried to keep a little secrecy surrounding the 650S, but, needless to say, the Internet got their hands on photos...


Lamborghini Huracán Replaces The Gallardo


Most of us will never get a chance to drive, let alone own, Lamborghini’s luxurious, ridiculous supercar the Gallardo. And now that’s really impossible, because the Gallardo is being replaced with the Huracán, an even more luxurious and ridiculous supercar. It’s Pronounced Who-Rah-Can Being as it’s a Lamborghini, the name...


The 2014 Lucra L148 Is An American Speed Machine


Lucra is a boutique car manufacturer with a mission; produce supercars in America. And if the Lucra L148, their 2014 model, is anything to go by, that mission is well underway. Bugatti Killer Lucra’s best known model, the LC470, was undeniably a monster on the road; it went zero to...


The Laraki Epitome Is 1,750 Horsepower Of Supercar (pics)

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Supercars are shamelessly indulgent, embarrassingly extravagant, and ridiculously expensive… and we wouldn’t have them any other way. Apparently, though, yacht magnate Abdesslam Laraki felt that current supercars didn’t quite go over-the-top enough… so he fixed that problem with the Laraki Epitome. If the name sounds familiar, Laraki operated as a...


Jaguar Debuts Prototypes Of Its C-X75 Hybrid Supercar


You will never get to drive a C-X75. But you should be excited that it exists anyway, because you’ll be able to drive pieces of it. Let us explain. A concept car from 2010 demonstrating Jaguar’s idea of a hybrid, plans to actually build and sell the car were scrapped...

2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Supercharged GT By Kicherer

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Supercharged GT by Kicherer


German tuner Kicherer is known for creating stunning aftermarket programs for many Mercedes-Benz vehicles and now they’ve released their drop dead gorgeous 2012 Mercedes SLS GT AMG Supercharged. The tuner upgraded the car’s 6.3 liter V8 engine with a supercharger, allowing it to push out 700 ponies, which means it...


Ermini Brand Relaunching with Barchetta Sport


You’re probably scratching your head wondering who the hell is Ermini after reading this…but that’s because it’s been 50 years since the Italian automaker closed its doors. Their “barchetta” cars were famous across the world and which in Italy are synonymous with legendary street races such as the Mille Miglia...