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trion nemesis

Trion Nemesis Is An American-Made Supercar


When you think of supercars, usually Italian beasts like Ferrari and Lamborghini pop up in your head, right? Well, soon you’re associate supercar with the American-made Trion Nemesis, that can hit top speeds as fast as its Italian competitors. And the name alone means business, as it tries to make itself the...

Felino CB7 (5)

Why the Felino Cars’ CB7 is Worth Watching (video)

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Canadian based car maker, Felino Cars, has spent four years developing a supercar, the CB7, and it looks like it has brought back from the future. Felino Cars’ CB7 Like any new supercar it is sold with the usual promise of an unforgettable driving experience, and there are several things...


Kepler Motors’ Motion Hybrid Supercar (video)


Kepler Motors might not be a huge name yet, but their first hybrid supercar, the Motion Hybrid, might change all that! First unveiled in 2009, they’ve been working on their super-lightweight hybrid super car for the past three years under the radar and they’ve just recently released info and video...

Benz SLG

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Supercar


Mercedes-Benz may have got rid of its uber expensive Maybach line, but their latest SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive Supercar has comfortably taken its place as the most expensive Benz, selling for $540,000. Taking a page from the Formula 1 racing world, designers not only styled its exterior after F1...


Ferrari’s F70 Captured on the Streets of Europe (pics)


Before you get too excited, you should probably know that these are renderings.  Very good renderings.  However, unlike the conceptual art work we saw last week, which depicted an amazingly awesome Ferrari F70, this one has been derived from actual spy shots. Needless to say, the Enzo’s lines are very...

Traxxas XO-1 Remote-Control Supercar

Traxxas XO-1 Remote Control Supercar

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Not everybody can experience the thrilling horsepower and speed of a Bugatti Veyron. But the Traxxas XO-1 Remote Control Supercar offers fans a small taste of what it would be like with its high-speed insanity. The XO-1 Remote Control Supercar is supposed to be the world’s fastest ready-to-run, electric RC...

V8 Powered Skateboard

V8 Powered Skateboard


How do you grab headlines?  Simple.  You take a human powered product and attach an aggregiously large motor to it.  In this case it’s a skateboard affixed with a 630hp V8 super car engine.  It also doesn’t hurt to slap on a super star’s name, such as Tony Hawk. Unfortunately,...

jaguar C-x75

Jaguar Unveils 780hp Concept Car Of The Future


To celebrate its 75th anniversary British automaker Jaguar proves it can keep up with the times, and goes electric. Taking the 1966 XJ13, a Jaguar model the car company’s chief designer believes to be the most beautiful they’ve made so far, and adding a 780 hp engine got them a...