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Super Mario Bros. Hats by New Era

New Era Introduces A Super Mario Bros. Hat Line


New Era makes all sorts of hats, from sports to custom collaborations and now they are coming out with a special hat line celebrating your favorite 8-Bit heroes from Super Mario Bros! Gamers will be super excited to sport these stylish and fashionable caps dedicated to one of the greatest...

Nintendo Living Room Set

Nintendo Living Room Set


For the ultimate old school gamer who couldn’t get enough of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. comes this ultimate Nintendo Living Room set. The 8 bit furniture line is currently selling on Etsy for $1,350.00, which might sound pretty steep, but it actually includes a lot of furniture. But the Etsy store...


LEGO Super Mario Bros Aquarium (pics/video)

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When you’re a die-hard Super Mario Bros Fan, you’ll go to great lengths to incorporate the theme into anything you can like Cedrick Bearss, who created a unique Super Mario Bros Level Aquarium from LEGOS. The aquarium features lots of cool Super Mario Bros game characters like the toads, Mario...


Video Game in a Box (video)


Chances are that this “Video Game in a Box” by Adam Kumpf will never reach the same level of notoriety as Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a Box” skit, but regardless, it’s damn cool. The game mimics the popular NES game Super Mario Bros.  It starts by pulling...


Super Mario Bros. Wii Demo’d In Video (video)


I was never a die hard Super Mario Bros fan, but oh boy did they exist.  And despite my dislike for the game I still recall seeing the movie “The Wiz” in theater, which featured Super Mario Bros 3 projected on a giant screen.  Now fans of the popular game...