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Tumu Tegris

Tumi TEGRA-LITE Body Armor Suitcases


Fashionistas and hipster would argue that their clothing is as valuable as a life.  Tumi seems to agree as their latest line of luggage, the TEGRA-LITE, utilizes body armor. The material is called Tegris, a polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created by Milliken.  It’s long been used in body armor, NASCAR cars and protective...

Batman Laptop Sleeve

Batman Laptop Sleeve


It’s a far cry from the Batman Motorcycle suit, but we’ll still take it. The Batman Laptop Sleeves doesn’t sport any fancy pockets, gadgets and nor will it protect you from a robber, unless of course you wield the encased laptop like a bag lady out for revenge.  Nope, all...

Bikoff Suitecase Bike

Bikoff Suitcase Bike


The world would be a much better place if just a fraction of the world’s population biked to work.  And hopefully the Bikoff foldable bike, which is on the shortlist for the ‘Seoul cycle design competition 2010′, will convert some of those gas guzzling folks to pedal power. That suitcase...


Self Propelled Suitcase, Top Speed 3MPH


We’ve seen our fair share of advanced luggage but nothing quite like the Self Propelled Suitcase.  Built-in to this travel accessory is a tiny electric motor that propels it up to 3 mph.  The motor only engages when the weak and undoubtedly rich – it costs $1,300 – are struggling...