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Fish List

11 Devices That Will Transform You Into a Fish (list)


If you’re stuck in an area of the country that’s currently having a harsh winter, then you’re probably dreaming about summer and a tropical getaway in a much warmer climate. You’d probably trade in your snow boots and snow shovel for swim shorts and some snorkeling gear, right? Well, to...


The EGO Semi-Submarine Wants To Take You Slightly Under The Water


There’s nothing quite like witnessing the glory of nature in its natural habitat. But for aquatic life, that’s a bit of a tricky proposition, especially if you dislike diving, or can’t take a scuba class. The EGO Semi-Submarine, however, can handily solve that problem. It’s a “semi” submarine because you’re...


Get Your Very Own Submarine For Only $2 Million


For the mega-rich with a taste for the life aquatic, the Personal Submarine lets you swim with the fishes down at the bottom of the ocean. It’s got two seats, and you’re licensed to descend up to 1,000 feet under the water’s surface. This two-person sub has a transparent, climate-controlled acrylic pressure...