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yellow submarine

This Yellow Submarine Will Make You Feel Like a Beatle


Remember how happy Ringo and his friends (aka Paul, John, and George) were in their yellow submarine? Thanks to submersible experts GSE Trieste, you’ll very soon be able to go on a deep sea adventure in your own yellow mini-sub. The all-electric VAS 525/60 LE MK2 (the sub’s technical name) is a...


Hydroview iPhone Submarine

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You’ll have to hit up Sir Richard Branson if you want to explore the depths of the ocean.  You’ll also need a fair bit of cash, but often is the case that involves any activity that doesn’t take place on land.  The same monetary demands apply to the HydroView, but...


Necker Nymph Submarine Sea Plane


The James Bond movies have had their fair share of gadgets.  That goes without saying, clearly.  Unfortunately, most of those gadgets will never come to life, since they’re either completely ludicrous or just don’t have the necessary funding to become a reality.  That is unless of course you’re Sir Richard...

Pedal Powered Submarine

The Scubster Is A Pedal Powered Submarine


This is a pedal, yes pedal powered submarine, the Scubster.  We’re not sure on how you control the level of buoyancy, or should we say depth, but it’s built using a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike. The French designer, Rousson, says that top speed is...


Scubacraft: Look, It’s A Boat…No A Submarine


I don’t know what’s more disconcerting about the Scubacraft: the $164,000 price tag or the fact that this thing can dive to a depth of 100 feet and sports an open cabin.  In any event, if you didn’t completely catch that, the Scubacraft doubles as a boat that can fly...


Chinese Man Builds His Very Own Submarine From Scrap


What does $4,385 get you? Give up?  Your very own under water submersible.  Tao Xiangli, a 34-year old amateur inventor spent the last two years whipping together his very own submarine.  It’s powered by an electric motor and even includes a periscope, depth control tanks and manometer.  The body is...