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Google Adds Mount Fuji To Street View


Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan, and considered not just a national treasure, but one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Thanks to the luck of the draw, this formerly active volcano is almost perfectly symmetrical, and is so commonly discussed in poems and...

Underwater Google Street View Camera-2

This is the Camera Google Uses to Create Underwater Street View


Google’s Street View is a remarkable piece of technology that has has significantly influenced how we locate points of interest – heck, it can even help fight parking tickets (trust me, this works).  And while we’ve long known about the Street View cars (I’ve seen one in person) and Street View trikes, little has...

ountain Summit Street View

Google Maps Features New Mountain Summit Street View


Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but don’t have the funds or the courage to do so? Well now Google Maps is letting you virtually climb Mount Kilimanjaro  and other extreme steeps via their new Mountain Summit Street View. Their new summit shots are thanks to Google’s Dan Fredinburg,...


Google Tricycle With Street View Camera (video)


Here’s a novel approach to Google Street View: the Google Trike.  Designed specifically to reach historical landmarks, the Google Trike will first appear in Genoa, Italy (yum, meat) and then make its way to the UK sometime later this summer.  Google has requested that the British public provide suggestion on...