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Matchstick Wants To Be An Open Source Chromecast


The Chromecast is an incredibly popular little widget. It essentially takes the annoying parts out of streaming your media to your TV by allowing you to pair pretty much anything to your TV. Well, anything that Google approves of, which is something of a sticking point for some. So Matchstick...


Slingbox’s New Hardware Makes Watching TV Anywhere Easy


Amid the hubbub surrounding the Supreme Court shutting down Aereo and arguments over the future of television, Slingbox has kept on putting out devices that let you watch your TV where you want to. And their latest devices will fill the gap you have now that Aereo’s gone, especially if...

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5 Things Worth Knowing About Android TV (list)

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Google TV came with a lot of noise about changing television as we know it and… well, left under a cloud of shame as it failed to change anything. So Google is trying again, this time with the much simpler Android TV. Here’s what you should know. 1. This Isn’t...

VTech IS7121-2 Audio:Video Doorbell mani

VTech IS7121-2 Audio/Video Doorbell Review


ome security has become a big issue now that there are mobile devices, but the majority of these videocamera products work inside the home. That might be okay if all you care about is who is already inside, but what about someone on the porch or knocking on the front...

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What Software Should You Use To Watch The Olympics Online?


NBC likes to think that if you live in America, they’re the ones that control the Olympics. Oh? Wanna bet? Getting the Olympics actually streaming live is as simple as using a virtual private network, or VPN. But which program should you use? Wait. Why Does This Work? Essentially a...

Roku's Android App Adds Video Streaming

Roku’s Android App Adds Video Streaming


Last month, Roku launched their Play On Roku video support for iPhones and other iOS devices. Now they’ve released news on their blog that they’ve just updated their Android app to support Play On Roku video streaming. This now means that those with Roku players can stream  the videos that they have...

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Google Chromecast Review


here’s been a lot of effort directed at finding ways to transfer content from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the big screen (i.e., TV). The problem has been the lack of a universal standard that everybody can use, and as a result the technology either comes already hardwired into...