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10 Reasons to Get Hulu Plus


Considering whether or not to get Hulu Plus? Here are the top reasons to consider the TV streaming app and all of its glorious content, from original shows to different ways to save on the service.   1. Current Show Paradise Finding current shows online can be a bit of...

Hulu Plus Apple TV

Hulu Plus Officially Arrives on Apple TV


Until today, if you owned an Apple TV and wanted to view Hulu Plus content your were SOL.  But not any more. Apple and Hulu have officially launched the Hulu Plus app for the set top box.  Really, no explanation is needed.  Just download the app and use your Hulu...


Hauppauge Broadway Review


No, this isn’t a review of the latest crazy musical ON Broadway, but rather the newest little device from Hauppauge.  Hauppauge has been around since 1992, and their products are usually pretty innovative.  I’ve used one of their TV capture devices to record custom gameplay from my PS3 before, so...