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Netflix vs Hulu Plus (comparison)


The conundrum continues over which subscription service is best for streaming movies and TV shows. Today’s comparison puts veteran contender Netflix up against the relatively new Hulu Plus. Both offer affordable prices for streaming content, but which is superior? Movie buffs and die-hard TV fans might have different opinions to...


Patriot Streaming Media Box Is Both Cheap and Effective


If you’re looking for media streaming on a very, VERY tight budget, then the Patriot media streamer is EXACTLY what you had in mind.  You’ll need to bring your own hard disk drive, but each Patriot comes with a remote, three USB slots, Ethernet support and support for several different...


Gadget Rumor: Hulu On Xbox 360?


How sweet that would be.  Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn’s Twitter feed denoted that she had just finished a promo for a Microsoft/Hulu event on June 8th.  Telling eh?  Not that this means anything in particular but it is a fingers crossed sort of situation.  Just another nail...