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Gaming Mouse

2012 Holiday gift Guide: Gaming Mice (list)


Gamers and shoppers! Lend me your ears. I implore you all. Do not take your rodents for granted. A good reliable, comfortable mouse is a gamer’s “right-hand”. Yes even when they’re left handed. (Now shush! ‘m trying to make a point). Pro gamers live and die by the performance, sensitivity...

Blackberry Storm 3

Blackberry Storm 3 Leaked


RIM isn’t ready to give up on the Storm just yet.  BGR got their hands on leaked images of what they’re saying is the Blackberry Storm 3.  Arg, enough already RIM. In terms of specs, and despite the model name, which has long been regarded as a mistake by RIM,...

Blackberry Storm 2

Blackberry Storm 2 Now Available For $199.99


Verizon officially launched the Blackberry Storm 2 today, and despite its name, I think it is fair to say it will be overshadowed by the launch of the Motorola Droid.  Nonetheless, the device that a ton of people hated upon its first release is back for a second helping and...


Blackberry Storm Launch Party (L.A)


I'm just getting back from the Blackberry Storm Launch Party here in LA. Getting in was a breeze. I just texted a 5 digiit smart code and later showed the SMS at the door for entry. Unfortunately, I wasn't offered any VIP or press access,...


Leaked: Blackberry 9500 and 9530 Super Duper Details


Honestly, this type of info is probably more deserving of the soon to be owners of the Blackberry Storm.  But if you’re dieing to know the torrid details of the device, and perhaps think your IT department will double you up on touchscreen devices (assuming you have an iPhone or...

Announcement Video for BlackBerry Storm Leaked


[GR]-eO5E2xwyXA[/GR] By A. Smith got ahold of a Verizon employee video and copies of the PDF talking points announcing the BlackBerry Storm.  It’s the first touchscreen phone for BlackBerry and it looks to be a strong rival for the iphone.  Availability and price TBD.  Click below for the juicy details.  [Crackberry]...