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Your First Look at Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is getting a second biopic since his sudden death in 2011. The first film, 2013’s Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, didn’t do very well with critics. Original Apple employee Bill Hernandez talked to Dice and described Jobs as “the biggest, flashiest piece of fan fiction that there’s been to...

jOBS Trailer

First Trailer for Upcoming jOBS Movie (video)


It’s no secret now that Ashton Kutcher will be playing the late Steve Jobs in the coming jOBS flick about the Apple genius’ life, but we finally have a trailer, showcasing a few clips from the highly anticipated movie. So far, the movie doesn’t look that bad and has some...

Steve Jobs Return 1996-wide

See Pictures of Steve Jobs’ Return to Apple in 1996


Steve Jobs will be forever missed.  And with that he will always be regarded as the one man that reinvigorated the company after being exiled.  Today, Apple stands as one of the most successful, and rich companies.  Not every product has been a success, or a run away hit, but many have...

Apple tv

New Apple TV FCC Filing Smaller Than 3rd Generation


The rumor mill is a churning again and in its muddle intrigue ferments like fine wine begging to be supped. This time what plummets down the grapevine are whispers from the house that Steve built. It seems Cupertino is gaining a new resident–but not a big one. Ye’ olde Apple...


iPad Mini Meta Review


What once seemed like the stuff of myth, is now a reality you can hold in a single hand. The equally priced yet definably diminished iPad Mini is upon us. The thing has been rumored since the launch of the original iPad. Our own investigative digital sleuth, James has delved...

Venus Yacht-2

Steve Jobs Mega Yacht, “Venus”, Unveiled (video)


[GR]0mUp1PP98uU[/GR] Almost one year after his death, Steve Jobs’ mega yacht has made its first appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer.  The boat is reported to measures some where between 230 and 260 feet in length and as you’d imagine boasts as assortment of Apple products.  In fact, if you...

Byte Cellar Cropped

The “Byte Cellar” Contains 122 Video Game Machines


The 1980s were a magical time for video games.  The Nintendo has just been introduced to the world, and while other game consoles had long existed, none provided such a rich and exquisite gaming experience.  Memories of Excitebike still titillate us to this day, as do many other games that...

Original Apple II

Apple II hits 35


Yesterday marked a big day for Apple. No, it wasn’t a release of a next-generation iOS device, but rather 35 years since the company introduced a huge game-changer, the Apple II. Back in 1977 when it first debuted, the world’s first truly accessible personal computer was almost overlooked at the...