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Wall Of Sound 2.0: Why Have A Discreet iPhone Dock?


iPhone docks are very, very common now, largely thanks to the utter ubiquity of Apple products. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out, instead of somebody who likes portability, what do you do? How about buying the biggest, loudest iPhone dock you can find, like...


Altec Lansing Announces MIX Boombox


I think it might be fair to say that Altec Lansing has gone of the freakin’ reservation with their MIX Boombox.  While I appreciate is versatility and utilitarian approach, something about it seems so 80s to me.  Maybe its the word ‘boombox’, or the stylings of a time passed? This...


Boston Acoustics Unveils Horizon i-DS2 iPod Speaker System


I know, I know, you can hardly contain your excitement (wink).  Yup, it’s another iPod specific boombox.  Inside are two 3.5-inch woofers backed by 60 watts of power.  Auxillary input for the less important MP3 players and a composite video output also make the spec list.  Unfortunately, the Horizon i-DS2...