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SteamPunk Nintendo-1

Steampunk’d NES Video Game System


Steampunk isn’t often something we feature on Gadget Review. More often than not it’s just too far off topic for us to write about it, and honestly, doesn’t pique our interest all that much.  That being said, this Steampunk NES, as in the original Nintendo, has definitely caught our eye....

Steampunk Wine Decorking Machine

Steampunk Wine De-Corking Machine (video)


[GR]ZNUdowYZJlw[/GR] Have a glass of vino with someone from 100 years ago and they’d probably be astonished to learn just how many corkscrews apparatuses lay in the aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond.  That said, none to this day are nearly as impressive as this contraption. Built by mechanical sculptor...

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk IronMan Suit


A few years ago Iron Man was just a mere comic book hero.  Then Robert Downey Jr. stepped into the role and suddenly the character had become the talk of Tinseltown.  The movies we’re actually a bit of a disappointment since they were poorly directed, though Downey was easily the...

Big Daddy Nerf Gun

Gadget of the Week: Big Daddy Nerf Gun


Nerf?  Check.  Steampunk?  Check.  Can’t go wrong with those two combinations.  The Big Daddy Nerf Gun combines a Nerf Barricade blaster with wood pieces from a 75-year-old chair.  Hand riveted aluminum and a working 3x scope are all we needed for a new pair of boxer briefs. [nggallery id=137]...


Xbox Look Takes A 360 Degree Turn With Steampunk Mod

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While modding your console is being pushed closer and closer to being an art-form, there’s also a commercial market being created for some of the more striking end results. Among the more successful and offbeat ones we’ve seen are a PC case mod inspired by Doom 3 and a Playstation...