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Star Wars 35th Anniversary R2-D2 and C-3PO Statues


In less than 2 month’s time, Star Wars would have debuted in movie theaters 35 years ago.  Yes, it’s been that long since this iconic space saga began.  It’s hard to believe that a 35-year old film still out classes the newer, more expensive ones.  But lets face it, sometimes...

transformers statue

This 40-Foot Tall Optimus Prime Is Pure Awesome


Well, this is really cool. China has just unveiled a 40-foot tall Optimus Prime statue at the new Green Dream Park in Beijing, which if focused on Green Living (another thing we love at GadgetReview). Constructed out of recycled car parts, the statue weighs six tons and took five truckloads...

Iron Man 2 Statue

Iron Man 2 Statue Glows With Fury


Call me a sucker, but this 13-inch tall Iron Man statue is detail sweetness.  How detailed you ask?  The hands, eyes, chest and base light up thanks to a set of mini built-in LED lights.  It’ll cost you, though, $130 to be exact. Read...

R2-D2 Statue Insane Detail

1/6 To Scale R2-D2 Statue With “Insane Detail”


We’ve seen our fair share of Star Wars crap but probably nothing as detailed as this R2-D2 Statue.  As the product page states there is “insane detail”.  It’s 1/6 to scale, has slots for Lightsabers, pop out scopes and a set of removable arms that includes a saw, soldering tool...