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Starbucks Teams Up With Google For Faster WiFi


Have you noticed a change to the WiFi at ¬†your local Starbucks? If you haven’t logged on to the Internet while grabbing your favorite Venti drink, next time you do you’ll notice it faster thanks to a new collaboration with Google. They’ve teamed up with the coffee shop giant to...


Starbucks Set To Start iPhone Payment In All Locations (video)


Starbucks does a lot of things well. Coffee springs to mind first, but they also have an eco-conscience, letting gardeners take their tea and coffee left-overs to turn into compost, and now they prove to be business-savvy beyond their knowledge of making a good espresso. After trying out the concept...


Free Starbucks WiFi Begins Today


We reported it, and its finally here. Starbucks is now offering free one-click wireless internet access at all U.S. and Canada locations. Go forth, and use the coffee giant’s wireless with indiscretion. Go buy a latte and FaceTime about it, for all I care. It’s a free country....


Starbucks To Offer Free WiFi Starting July 1st


Starbucks tweeted today that they’re going to be offering free WiFi to customers at all US locations starting July 1st. Not exactly a gadget news, but I figure that enough of our readers visit Starbucks with their iPhone, laptop, iPad, etc. that the news would prove beneficial to them. You...