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The Apple Watch Already Has A Custom Wood Charging Stand


The Apple Watch has barely been announced, and it hasn’t even come out yet, but that’s not stopping accessories designers from trying to get in on the action on the ground floor. Either that, or Dodocase is even more excited for the Apple Watch than most people, because they already...

Propup iPad Stand

PropUp iPad Stand (video)


The PropUp stand for the iPad looks like a noteworthy product.  But their site sucks huge balls, making it virtually impossible to garner any real information about the product.  There is also a YouTube video, but they’ve once again done a disservice to themselves by running it through some crappy...


Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation Review


I didn’t realize what an epicenter of attention the Ergotron WorkFit-S would become. When the box arrived at the office, as many of my review products do, my office mates were more drawn to it than normal. Their curiosity level is, it appears, directly proportional to the dimensions of the...


The PadFoot iPad Stand Is Minimalist


There’s a good number of nice iPad stands—most recently Twelve South’s Compass—but at some point you have to ask yourself how much stand is too much. The PadFoot does the job and stays out of the way. Produced by Michiel Cornelissen, the minimalist maverick behind the Pod à porter iPod...


The BookBook iPad Stand Keeps You Literate


Back in January, we showed you the BookBook case for the MacBook pro, which disguised your laptop as a leather bound book. Now, the same company Twelvesouth has released an iPad version of the case. It looks similar to its predecessor, transforming Apple’s tablet into what appears to be an...


The Hexapose iPad Stand Is Like An iMac


Today brings yet another iPad Stand into the world, but this one offers something the others don’t — an adjustable height. Looking like a mini iMac, the Innopocket’s HexaPose stand is composed of aluminum and polycarbonate and allows users to rotate it in both landscape and portrait modes. It even...

compass ipad stand

The Compass Is An Affordable iPad Stand


The Compass Stand could be the best value between affordability and design when it comes to iPad Stands. Cheaper ones consist of a block of wood (or a wire hanger), and more expensive ones can inch up on how much you paid for the iPad itself. The compass works in...

@Rest iPad Stand

The @Rest iPad Stand Keeps It Classy


There’s been plenty of iPad stands, either DIY or manufactured, since the device’s release a couple months ago, but I haven’t found any as aesthetically pleasing as the @Rest by Heckler Design. Meant to be kept at a desk or table, this stand comes in a variety of colors and...