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Vizio S2121w-D0 2.1 Sound Stand Review


Pedestal type sound stands aren’t new — they’ve been offered as alternatives to audio systems and, more recently, sound bars for a number of years. That Vizio feels that a 2.1 sound system that can be placed under a television set has value tells you something — after all the...


STAND: The Urinal That Has A Sink Built Into It. …Ew.


You’d think the urinal doesn’t really need a redesign. You need some porcelain, some plumbing, maybe some crushed ice if you’re classy. But, just because the wheel works doesn’t mean somebody won’t try and come up with something better, and hence a Latvian designer has decided what you really need...


Vyne’s iPhone Stand


Vyne is an odd-looking iPhone stand that wraps around your neck and holds your iPhone in front of you so that you can watch videos hands free. Not sure that there might be a big market for the weird stand, but right now, it’s only a concept with no info...


Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand

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Getting your iPad to float mid air without wires will take some serious engineering skills and probably a magnetic the size of a car.  And even then we don’t know it would be possible.  So settling for second best, at least in this case, is what we’re willing to do....

Desktop Chair

Desktop Stand Props Laptops with Aesthetics in Mind

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “some of the best things in life are the simplest”.  Case in point is Japanese designer Masayuki Todate’s Desktop Chair.  It’s actually far from a chair, at least in the traditional sense, but it does provide a place for your laptop...

Munkey iPhone Stand

The Munkey iPhone Stand


The Munkey is a stand designed to support not only the iPhone, but the DROID, Incredible, Hero, Imagio and Blackberry Storm.  But who are we kidding, they’re really targeting the iPhone market.  The stand itself is made from a single piece of metal and can either attach to the back...

iBend Stand - 4

iBend Portable iPhone Stand Review


The iBend iPhone stand will question your definition of a product.  Fully embracing a “why didn’t I think of that” aesthetic, the iBend stand is a cheap way to hold your iPhone horizontally for all your media viewing pleasures....


MovieWedge Review


Doubling as a hacky-sack, the MovieWedge is a convenient way to view media horizontally on your iPhone or iPod touch.  The MovieWedge is lightweight and portable beanbag-esque cushion that supports your iPhone for prime viewing. Embracing a brutally simple design aesthetic, the MovieWedge can effectively adapt to most any surrounding. ...

In Your Face Stand

In Your Face iPhone Stand


And the paraphernalia just wont stop.  To add to your array of fine iPhone accessories comes the In Your Face iPhone stand.  Capable of bending as your face sees fit and clipping to just about whatever, this could be a useful gadget for those who watch an exorbitant amount of...