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Staircase made from LEGOS

Manhattan Apartment Features Staircase Made From LEGOs


For Melissa Marks and Vincente Caride, walking up and down their LEGO staircase in their Chelsea apartment in Manhattan, NYC is like walking down any ordinary staircase. Their stair railing is made using 20,000 LEGO bricks. Named the “Marks/Caride Residence,” the apartment uses the creative spirit of I-Beam Architecture And...

Floating Staircase

Gadget of the Week: Floating Staircase


Okay, so it’s not really a gadget, but it’s damn cool looking, right?  We were hoping it might elevate your day to new heights, or raise up your spirits. The floating stair case is designed by soho-architektur. Check out the storage stair case and the bookshelf staircase.  They’re pretty neat...


Stair Book Case


London real estate is bananas expensive.  As a result home owners try to make the most of their space. This stair case, as you can see, doubles as a massive book shelf.  It leads to a bedroom on a third floor, which mind you is large enough that it expanded...

LED Stairwell

DIY LED Stairwell Lighting System (video)

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I so want this in my house, especially seeing as I hate flicking on the light switch.  This DIY stairwell lighting system doesn’t just turn on the lights, but illuminates each step as you proceed up or down the stairs. Video after the ‘leap’...


Prototype iRobot Climbs Stairs (video)


iRobot is hard at work to develop a robot that can walk up and down stairs.  Although I don’t know if this technology will be applied to their vacuums it surely would be a smart move given that’s something their current line of Roombas can’t do.  Hit the video below...