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CST-01 Thin watch2

CST-01: World’s Thinnest Watch (Video)


[GR]d2dOCWhUz0A[/GR] News flash : the average timepiece worn on the wrist of an adult homo sapien is equivalent to a stack of cinder blocks resting on a single wrist. (Hey I don’t make this stuff up. I just conjure it out of the ether.) Chances are, you’re already late. Why...

Nixon The Trader

Nixon Trader Watch can Survive a Bomb Blast


Any watch will tell the time with a good degree of accuracy.  Then again, time is completely subjective and some just don’t care to abide by it.  Course, more often than not those people are abundantly late to meetings, dinners and anything that requires they be there at a specific time. Put...


Strike: a Stainless Steel Matchbook


Strike any where matches might be more vital than an axe, a tent or food on a camping trip.  Get those matches wet though, and you’ll find yourself shivering by a damp oak tree with uncooked squirrel hanging just feet from your empty stomach.  Stupid, because if you had the...


Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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Ice cubes can transform some alcoholic beverages from undrinkable to totally sipable.  For scotch drinkers, they enjoy the slight chill and the added water that provides more body and flavor to the liquor.  However, a libation, such as a mojito taste best cold, especially when it is not diluted with H20.  You...

Atomic Pocket Watch

Atomic Pocket Watch


Has the pocket watch already become the next hipster accessory?  The above pictured Atomic Pocket Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer receives the correct time via daily radio signal from the atomic clock at Fort Collins, Colorodo, assuring that it won’t lose or gain a second for the next 30 million years. ...

Stainless Steel Self Filtering Water Bottle

The Only Stainless Steel Self Filtering Water Bottle


Trust Hammacher to be able to lay claim to carrying the “only stainless steel water bottle with an integrated filter”.  But that’s exactly what this is and me likey.  The filter can get clean 100 gallons of H20 before needing to be replaced and removes up to 99.99% of microbes,...