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Smith Wesson Tactical Pen

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen


Knives, sharp objects – even metal utensils have been banned from flights.  Though the latter objects are starting to make their way back onto flights, but largely in first and business class cabins.  So how is a do-gooder citizen, such as yourself, to protect your family and those around you from would be terrorist...

Motion Activated AC Adapter

Motion Activated AC Adapter Spy Camera


AC adapters, at least these days, are just about in every room in every house.  So if you’ve got plans to spy on your loved one, roommate, babysitter or cats, this Motion-Activated AC Adapter Hidden Spying Camera makes complete sense. Believe it or not it records 720×480 video at 30fps...


Swinglet CAM Aerial Photo Drone (video)

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The swinglet CAM is most likely out of your price range. Its maker’s website doesn’t list the cost, and usually that’s a good sign you can’t afford it. Then again, in the day and age of Google Earth, there isn’t much you’d want it for anyway, unless you’re imaginative and...

Spywatch With Snake Cam

Spy Watch With Snake Cam


At first blush this is just ANOTHER spy watch.  It can record up to 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio or snap 2000 still pictures.  There is also a variety of games, which without much of a doubt will bore you to tears in a matter of minutes....

Oil Painting Cell Phone Jammer

Oil Painting Shaped Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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Why, when and where you’d use the Oil Painting Shaped Mobile Phone Signal Jammer is a bit of a mystery, but where there is a product there is certainly a way. Perhaps it would be best suited for a wedding ceremony or reception? Rumors of a cell phone signal jammers...

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

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Believe it or not this is a spy cam.  Yup, it looks just like the recently released iPod Shuffle, so it should have no problems fitting it.  To the right of the controls is a pinhole that contains a small camera that can capture 640×480 video.  Unlike the actual Apple...


The MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Is A Beast


Looking more like a set of super expensive binoculars than any watch I’ve ever seen, this MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch is one crazily designed gadget. It  has three hands on it (one of the hour, one for the minute, and the other a freaking power reserve indicator), is made out of...

Shrub Rover

Terrestrial Shrub Rover (video)


Sneak attack!  Finally, someone (Justin Shull) built a movable shrub, just like in the cartoons.  It’s officially called the Terrestrial Shrub Rover, an electrically powered shrub on wheels that seems to have no problems moving over roads and grass.  Inside is room for one and 3 LCD cameras.  In the...


Cross Spy Camera Is Perfect For Priests, Goths


For those who like to spy on others, the Cross Spy Camera records video with an almost imperceptible camera hidden in a cross necklace. It’s a great idea, but the audience is a little limited — you’re either really into Marilyn Manson or Christian Rock to sport one of these...


Multi-Function Pen Tool Is Airport’s Worst Friend


I wonder how this Multi-Tool Pen would appear in and x-ray?  Packing 12 tools in side the interior of this normal looking pen, I can’t imagine the manufacturers intentions.  Featuring: a hole puncher, a large and a small blade, wire stripper/nail or staple remover, a flathead and phillips screw driver,...