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GooGo Is Essentially A Spy Camera For Your iPhone


We’ve all got things we’d like to keep an eye on when we’re not around. Puppies, children, sandwiches in the break room that you know you didn’t eat and that somebody keeps stealing…hey, we’ve all got something we’re concerned about. And now, with the GooGo, you can keep an eye...


From Tokyo With Love Electronic Spy Camera Shirt


This camera shirt is totally inconspicuous and will turn you into a contemporary indie frat-boy spy, untrained videographer and pervy voyeur liable to get arrested, all in one swift move. Though not exactly the kind of digs James Bond would wear, the thrill of your little video secret should make...

Spy Camera Tie

Spy Camera Tie with Wireless Remote


Me in a tie?  That’s a dead give away to something fishy.  But for most, they could get away with the Spy Camera Tie with Wireless Remote.  That’s right, you too can reproduce the same fuzzy black and white videos as seen on Dateline NBC. Hidden in a secret compartment...

Spy LIghter

This Spy Lighter Records DVD Quality Video


So by now I’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no product that a tiny pin hole camera can’t be jammed inside of.  It kind of brings a whole new level of skepticism to cheating on your spouse or even talking smack about your best friend. This...


Soda Can Spy Camera Makes Me Thirsty For Snooping


While it might be a bit suspect that you have a full can of Diet A&W root beer on your counter, the babysitter or gardener will never know that you’re recording their every move, that is until they go and try to drink the refreshing beverage.  Jammed inside this spy...


Button Spy Camera With Wedding Ring Activator


Spy cameras are cool and all, but when push comes to shove they’re not all that practical.  Why?  How do you start and stop recordings without alerting those being spied on.  Simple, you grab the Button Spy Camera with Ring Controller.  Just wave the ring near the pin hole and...