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Sprint and Boingo Forge a Deal for Airport Wi-Fi


If you have a Sprint device, your airport Wi-Fi experience is about to get a whole lot smoother thanks to the latest Boingo updates. Boingo Wireless has announced that it has acquired Sprint’s Wi-Fi network operations at seven airports across the United States – and turned them into Boingo hotspots....


Sprint’s Early Upgrade “One Up” Plan Loses A Life


Hey, remember Sprint’s One Up early upgrade plan? Yeah, neither does anyone else: It’s being put out to pasture just four months after it was introduced. Oh Sprint. Why did you have to grab the poison mushroom? One Down The Sprint “One Up” plan was clearly inspired by T-Mobile’s similar...


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review


It’s being touted as THE best phablet on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has hit store shelves. Bending the knee to one of the major subscription barons will earn you a seat at the owner’s circle. The choice is yours from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others. The...


Moto X On Sale for $20 at Amazon

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Got plans to get a new smartphone this weekend?  Well, if you’re NOT on Sprint, you can nab the Moto X for just $20 on contract. That’s a pretty decent price drop from when the phone first launched.  For existing Sprint customers the cost will be $50. Of note, Amazon...


HTC 8XT Windows Phone 8 Review


n the GR chopping block is a brand new candy-colored Windows Phone. The HTC 8XT is a unit with similar specs as the Nokia Lumia 928, same processor similar memory, familiar screen size and resolution…etc. It does toss in some newness for a Windows Phone as carry overs from the successful...

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