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iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 (spec comparison)


Apple’s iPhone announcement on Tuesday wasn’t meant to expand their smartphone product line so much as it was a chance to announce replacements to an existing model.  Only thing was, surprise surprise, it wasn’t the iPhone 4S that was going to be phased out, but rather the newest member of the...

Moto X Black

Motorola Moto X Specs


So the Moto X was unveiled not less than 24 hours ago.  And much like the leak we saw last week, the Moto X is no Samsung Galaxy S4 killer. In fact, at the core of the Moto X’s engine is the same processor found in the Nexus 4, albeit...

Moto X Specs

Moto X Specs Leaked, Doesn’t Look to be an S4 Killer


The Moto X from Motorola, and ultimately Google, may still be a month and some away (speculation on my behalf) from release, but that hasn’t stopped the phone from being shown off in all capacities.  This includes shots of Google’s Schmidt using the phone, to now leaked pics of the...

Tech specs for Google Glass revealed

Google Glass Tech Specs Revealed


Specs for Google’s wearable technology Glass have finally been revealed. According to the company’s support page that lists tech specs, Google Glass will feature a 5-megapixel camera and bone conduction audio. The Glass can shoot up to 720op video and sports a high-res display that’s said to be equal to “a 25-inch...

iPad 2

iPad 2 Specs And Launch Date


If you ain’t heard, Apple announced the iPad 2 today.  Here’s a quick look at the specs and let’s not forget the launch date of March 11th here in the US and March 25th in 26 countries. iPad 2 Specs: A5 Dual Core processor 2x faster than iPad 1 9x...