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Defender LX Special Edition

Land Rover Introduces Defender LX Special Edition

To celebrate its 65th anniversary, Land Rover will release their latest creation, the Defender LX special edition, which will be offered in five different body styles and be on sale soon. The Defender LXV will be powered by a 2.2-liter diesel engine that pushes out 122 hp and 265 lb.-ft.of...

25th anniversary zelda 3ds

25th Anniversary Zelda 3Ds


The 3Ds may not have been the run away success that Nintendo had hoped for, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese company from releasing a a special edition Zelda inspired 3Ds.  To commemorate the game’s 25th birthday, Nintendo has finished the portable console with  the Hyrule emblem and gold-colored embellishments.  They’re also tossing in a a...

Final Fantasy Xbox 360

Special Final Fantasy Xbox 360 Heading To The US This March


Talk about rip off.  Sometime soon Microsoft will start to sell a special Xbox 360 bundle that includes the Final Fantasy XIII game, two wireless controllers and exclusive downloadable avatar items.  What’s the rip off you ask?  Unlike previous special edition bundles, this one won’t include a ‘skinned’ console but...


Eminem And Jay-Z To Have Special Edition DJ Hero Bundle


Who saw this coming?  While Guitar Hero has the Metallica, Van Halen and Beatles expansion packs and games, it’s only fitting for DJ Hero to take the same approach.  Today’s news tells us that a special edition DJ Hero will feature the greatest hits from Eminem and Jay-Z and will...