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AudioOrbs Provides A Sound Experience Of Another World


The AudioOrbs Indiegogo campaign is unlike any other around. For $15,000 you can own your own spherical speaker that you can enter. Only five will be built and they’re based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon, but instead of being fitted with storage modules, the Orb features speakers instead. As the...

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The iShower Bluetooth Speaker Fills Your Shower With Music

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Singing in the shower is enhanced when you have the iShower Bluetooth Speaker with you. Now you can actually belt your favorite tunes as the original plays in the background while you’re showering. The Bluetooth-enabled speaker is water resistant that will work with most popular Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets...

Woodbourne Bluetooth Loudspeaker

The Woodbourne Bluetooth Loudspeaker Adds Style To Your Music


Style and high performance audio is what you get with the new Woodbourne Wireless Bluetooth Loudspeaker system by Polk. The 2-way sound system allows you to stream music and TV audio without pesky and bothersome wires. It features a ull-powered 4-channel onboard amplifier for effortless clarity and volume, as well as proprietary...


Be Nostalgic With The iRecorder


Long before iPhones, iPads and MP3 players was the cassette. It was an innovative device in the 80s that continued on to the early 90s before the CD desolated it. Now you can go down memory lane with your own retro cassette player…but this a new-school twist! The Retro Cassette...