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8 Tubular Reasons To Jam To The Tubecore Duo (list)


It’s a discussion that any audiophile has at some point: Whether or not digital technology is an improvement over the old-fashioned way we used to listen to music, by using lots of tubes. The Tubecore Duo is an attempt to end this ongoing debate by combining both. 1. It’s A...


The ZENS Qi Portable Speaker Doubles As A Spare Charger


We’ve all had the experience of a portable speaker dying on us. Or, sometimes, our phone dying before our portable speaker. The ZENS Qi would like to ensure that stops happening. Bring The Bass First of all, it is, of course, a speaker. And a pretty good one, too; it...

Wooden Qi Wireless Charger

Wooden Qi Wireless Charger Eliminates Messy Cables, Also Incorporates Speaker and Clock Functions


Declutter your bedside table with the Wooden Qi Wireless Charger/Speaker/Clock that will help simplify your life. Charge your phone by simply placing it on top of the stylish wooden box, eliminating messy cables. Qi-compliant devices for wireless charging include iPhone4S/4/5, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/Note 2, and more. Made from environmentally...

CERA Wireless Portable Speaker main

TEGO Audio CERA Wireless Portable Speaker Review


mall, portable speakers have come into their own lately, thanks to Bluetooth which eliminates having to physically connect them to the audio source. But many of these speakers bypass quality sound in favor of compactness. The CERA Wireless Portable Speaker is indeed small yet avoids this problem through a unique...

cone 1

The Cone Is A Speaker That Learns Your Taste In Music


There’s no shortage of wireless speakers out there. In fact, you can make any speaker wireless if you’re creative enough. But what about a speaker that offers you a constant shuffle… and learns your tastes as you play music through it? A Speaker Without The Stereo The Cone is a...

Libratone Zipp-0260

Libratone Zipp Review

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Audio quality is scientific…until it isn’t. Until it comes into your home, or until you’re in the store listening, and you say “that sounds good”…or not. That’s why companies can charge ridiculous fees for high-end audio equipment and claim it’s better when, in fact, it’s worse. It’s too easy to...