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Lavazza Is Going To Fire An Espresso Machine Into Space


If anybody could use a cup of good, strong coffee, it’s an astronaut. But it’s incredibly hard to get a cup of good coffee in space. Fortunately for the pioneers of the final frontier, Lavazza will be sending up an espresso machine. A Better Cup Of Space Joe Currently, astronaut...

Voyager 1 Deep Space

Voyager 1 Reaches Deep Space


It’s been almost 36 years since Voyager 1 left our quaint little planet and since then it’s seen quite a bit, but today it’s become the very first human spacecraft to travel outside of the heliosphere. For those that don’t know, the heliosphere is a region of space which is...

Nexus One Launched Into Space

Nexus One Launched Into Space On CubeSat


  While other smartphones can only dream of traveling where no man has gone before, Google’s Nexus One can finally claim the distinction of being the first mobile phone to launched into low earth orbit. Developed by Surrey Satellite Technology and the University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Center, the STRaND-1...


27 of the Best iPhone 5 Retina Wallpapers (list)


Now that the iPhone 5 has a larger Retina display, you’ll need to find some better wallpapers that will pop! We’ve compiled a few suggestions that are all Retina-ready and stunning to look at. 27. Boy/Girl Sweethearts This cute wallpaper features a boy and girl in black silhouette, each holding...

LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGO Space Shuttle Flies 115,000 Feet (video)


[GR]bluQ4eOeBwo[/GR] Building a LEGO Space shuttle isn’t exactly awe inspiring.  Send it to space?  Now we’re talking. Teenager Oaida Raul teamed up with Steve Sammartino to send a Lego Space Shuttle 115,000 feet into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  Needless to say, the video looks pretty fake, though for now we’re...

LEGOman in space

Canadian Teenagers Send LEGO-naut Into Space (video)


Teens these days are finding interesting ways to occupy their time. Two 17-year-old Canadian teens use a home-stitched parachute and some equipment they found on Craigslist to send a LEGO man 80,000-feet into the air. Two weeks ago, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad attached the small LEGO plastic figurine sporting...


Four Days With Star Wars: The Old Republic


Let me preface this by saying that this is not a full fledged review, but rather some observations from my first four days inside the game world.  The review is still at least a few days off, and I’d like to make sure I get the whole guild experience for...


Space Camera Beats Your Phone’s Megapixels By Say, 1,388 Or So


For those feeling pretty cocky about their 14MP cameraphone, check this out: The Pan-STARRS space camera has 1,400 megapixels in a sensor almost sixteen inches long. Run by the PS1 Science Consortium, the camera takes 500 pictures a night (that’s 4TB of data) that study the position of asteroids in space so...