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PS4 Release Date Leak

PS4 Launching November 13th According to a Leaked Poster

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Should this poster from Media Markt, a European retailer be trusted?  If you’re a PS4 proponent than you might be saying yes, even though it’s probably largely wishful thinking. Up until right now – as in this very second – Sony has remained tight lipped (like Microsoft) about the release...

Microsoft Adjusts Xbox One Policies

Microsoft Adjusts Xbox One Policies Amidst Consumer Backlash


Yeah, you read that right. Microsoft has officially announced, via their press blog, that two of the Xbox One’s most infamous content policies are about to be reversed. In what is quickly becoming an industry-wide shocker, it now appears that the forthcoming console will no longer restrict used game sales,...

Sony Dog Action Cam

Sony Releases Dog Action Cam Kit


A dog gadget is generally a gadget worth writing about.  Case in point is Sony’s AKA-DM1 action camera mount designed specifically for dogs.  It works in tandem with Sony’s Action Cam.  I’m hearing it could be compatible with other cameras, though you’ll clearly want something that can take a beating, because...