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Carl Zeiss Lens

Sony Will Make A “Lens Camera” For Smartphones


Smartphones make for crappy, crappy cameras, but Sony wants to fix it. With a “lens camera”. It’s not the fault of smartphones, per se, that they stink for taking photos. It’s just the high pixel count combined with the tiny sensor and lens means noisy, messy shots, unless you are...

Smartwatch 2

Sony Releasing Its SmartWatch 2 (video)


Last year, Sony’s SmartWatch wasn’t all it was cracked up to be so they decided to give it another try with its second version of the watch. The first version didn’t work out too well because of its let down software and high price even though it looked pretty good...

Xbox Vs PS4

7 Ways the Xbox One Goes Beyond Games and the PS4


When Microsoft unveiled its new console, it set about the ambitious goal of unifying the living room. The Playstation 4, on the other hand, focused much more on being a game system. By setting their sights on conquering the living room, they may end up conquering the board room as...

PS4 Release Date Leak

PS4 Launching November 13th According to a Leaked Poster

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Should this poster from Media Markt, a European retailer be trusted?  If you’re a PS4 proponent than you might be saying yes, even though it’s probably largely wishful thinking. Up until right now – as in this very second – Sony has remained tight lipped (like Microsoft) about the release...