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Toshiba Satellite L875-S7108

Toshiba Satellite L875-S7108 17-Inch Laptop Review


We have another mobile computing device on our hands, dear readers. Our last time out was with the handsome and cool Sony VAIO S Series laptop. It was an elegant and slim solution that dished out 1080p by default like it was the common standard for such a device. While...


Sony’s New Vaio Y & Z Series Turn Into Portable Hotspots


Sony is looking to bring their own sort of tethering to their notebooks with the new “Share My Connection” option on their Vaio Y & Vaio Z series. It allows up to five users in the US to share broadband from their laptops. The 3G will be provided by Verizon via...

Screen shot 2010-06-08 at 9.41.18 AM

Sony Vaio J Is An Affordable All-In-One Touchscreen


For those looking for a consolidated touchscreen computer that won’t break a grand, Sony’s new Vaio J might be right up your alley. The centerpiece of the Vaio J is its 21.5-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen display, running on Windows 7’s built in touch support. Other specs include a choice of an Intel...


Sony’s VAIO P Gets A Crocodile Skin


We brought you news of the Australia-exclusive Billabong VAIO P earlier this week, but Sony’s already got another special edition skin on the way. Exclusive to Japan, this Crocodile skin (imitation, of course) comes on a VAIO P loaded with new features. This VAIO P has all the new specs we’ve...


Sony Collaborates With Billabong On Rad VAIO W Special Edition


Certainly the most colorful notebook to come out as a late, this VAIO W is a special collaboration between Sony Australia and Surfwear company Billabong. As you can see, the special lid design is pretty unique, a splash of green, black, and blue — they call it “Imperial Lime.” The...

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