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Sonos iPad Controller

Sonos Intros iPad Compatible Controller App (video)


Apple has sold a crap load of iPads (something like 3 million) so it’s only fitting that Sonos should be building a Controller app for their music systems that is compatible with the touchscreen device.  Much like the iPhone version, it will allow you to administer any connected Sonos players,...


Sonos S5 Wireless Speaker Now Available In Black (video)


Thanks to Sonos, we’ve got news today that their popular S5 Wireless Speaker system is now available in black. The acclaimed all-in-one system packs five digital speakers and five amplifiers into a small frame. It can be controlled via the Sonos Controller, iPhone, or iPod Touch via a free app.  And,...

Sonos S5 ZonePlayer Review

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Sonos has long stood in obscurity thanks to its multiroom, multiparty system and hefty price tag.  Now the company is looking to break down the complexity barrier with the Sonos S5, introduced just this past October for $399. In a nutshell the S5 is a speaker system that can stream...

Sonos S5

Sonos S5 Now Shipping In The US


Sonos’ S5 wireless music system has began to ship in the US for $399.  In addition, Sonos has also issued a software update that enables Sonos controllers as well as their iPhone application to automatically Twitter what Sonos customers are listening to.  The Sonos S5 will begin shipping globally later...


Gadget Leak: Sonos Touchscreen CR200 Remote Control


Sonos accidentally posted the product page for the newest remote yesterday, the CR200, ahead of schedule.  The product page has now been taken down but that didn’t stop Engadget from screen capturing all the leaked info. It looks to be a scratch resistant 3.5-inch touchscreen (capacitive like the iPhone) encased...