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DryBox Saves Your Wet Phone In 25 Minutes


If your phone gets soaked, you’ve got problems. Everybody’s heard the trick about packing it in rice, but the truth is that’s a stopgap at best: As the rice pulls the water out, it tends to leach starch into your phone, which isn’t much better. So, is there a solution...


TuneBug Vibe Is Ready For Your Pants


Now that song can really make you wet!  We’ve all seen that awesome scene from Howard Stern’s Private Parts, so I shouldn’t have to reference the opening sentence any further.  The TuneBug Vibe is a vibration device designed to effectively deliver sound from anything it happens to be sitting on....

Bahem Storage System

The Bahem Clutter Free Storage Table From HotSnow


My roommate absolutely loathes clutter with an undying eternal passion.  To help him with that constant anxiety is the Bahem (sounds like a clear your throat noise, probably intended) Clutter Free Storage Table from HotSnow. Looking an sounding like an IKEA product, the Bahem effectively “pseudo”  hides everything but the...