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Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat Monitors Your Solar Energy


Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat may be the future of home energy monitoring. Owners can use a web-based application on their computers or smartphones to control thermostat controls, and importantly, solar panel energy production. It works through Enphase Energy’s Internet-connected microinverters, which work in conjunction with a a solar panel to convert...

Solar Scooter

Top 10 Coolest Solar Vehicles

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Solar?  Yes please.  Only if there was more of it and it was more efficient.  This is our list of the top 10 coolest solar vehicles to date.  Some are practical, some down right expensive and others straight up wacky.   But what is really important is that they’re all setting...


Behold: The Solar Powered Air Conditioner


Technically, this is only a partially solar powered conditioner, from LG. This thing still uses electricity, since air conditioners suck up power like nobody’s business, but it will take some energy from the photovoltaic solar cells on its top. The panel delivers about 70 watts a charge, which will lower...

Solar Powered Window

Solar Power Windows


And we thought the Energy Curtains were cool.  These windows, which look almost like everyday windows, contain translucent solar cells that capture energy from the sun.  They were unveiled at Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week and come in a few different opacity levels.  The darker the window the more energy it...

Energy Curtain

Energy Curtain Harvests The Sun’s Rays


Windows lets sun shine in. Conversely, curtains keep the light out. The Energy Curtain makes the best of both worlds by harvesting the sun’s rays and uses it to power the fabrics light emitting fabric. So, effectively the conceptual product keeps the sun out on hot summer days while providing...


T3 Transforming Robot Is Solar Powered


The T3 Transforming Solar Robot is a pretty ingenuous idea for a kid’s toy. Kids assemble the robot, which has seventy parts but only requires a screwdriver as a tool, which once completed then transforms into either a tank or a scorpion via solar cell energy. Education! Robots! What more...

Solar iPhone Patent

Solar iPhone Patent


Solar infused cell phones are nothing new, but soon as a company like Apple is involved the world is all ears.  Their newly minted patent calls for an iPhone that uses a capacitive touchscreen with a layer of solar cells hidden behind it.  Cool, because I would hate to see...

Solar Lighted Tiles

LED Solar Lighted Tiles


Oh the burden of a large yard. Yup, it’s a pretty painful thing. Heck, if you’re not too careful you might get lost out there one drunken night or at the very least lose your sense of direction. To keep you on the straight and narrow is the Solar Lighted...

ChinavisonSolar Charger

20,000 mAh Solar Battery Makes The Sun Your Bitch


Chinavison once again never fails to impress with their new 20,000 mAh Solar Battery.  The huge array of solar cells will be much more effective in trapping rays and may not actually take forever like virtually every other solar charger I’ve tried. The charger comes packed with 29 unique adapter...

Soulra iPod Speaker Dock

Solar Powered And Rugged iPod Speaker System


Summer is upon us which means beach, pool, picnics and more.  But what’s an outing without some tunes.  This solar powered iPod Speaker dock is apparently the first of its kind (I don’t buy that).  Flipping open the protective lid, which is rated to IPX-4 when closed – that means...